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Under Building tab (Figure 4.71) you can create and modify Buildings. Additionally, you can also define different zoning rules and default Building Parameters for each Building.

Building tab

Figure 4.71 - Building tab, which shows Parameters of selected Building.

Compact and Extended View

In case you don't see separators between parameters you can turn them on using the extend icon on the top right corner of each panel: extend.

Selected Building Parameters

Inside the Selected Building Panel you can modify the Parameters of selected Building(s).



Create button is used to create simple Building, the same way as by clicking on the yellow Create Building icon in Modelur Toolbar. If no Curve is selected, Modelur will create a new Building based on default Building parameters. However, if Curve(s) are selected, it will create new Building based on selected shape. This way you can create Building of arbitrary floor plan.


When some Buildings are selected, you can use Copy button to create their copies. Alternatively you can also use Rhino's built-in copy methods (eg. by using Copy command and pressing on the Alt key and drag with gumball).


Restore button is used to reset all Building parameters to its default values.

Name and Land Use

Building Name

Using Building Name parameter you can change Building's name, which is used to easily track different Buildings.

Land Use

Using Land Use dropdown menu you can set the Land Use selected Building(s). Land Uses are used to calculate Building's units (eg. apartments, residents, offices, etc), parking requirements, green area requirements, etc. To learn more about these settings, please visit Land Use section of this page.

Building Height

Building Height

Building height sets how tall should the Building be in chosen units (metric or imperial). When changing Number of Storeys, First Storey Height and Other Storey Heights this parameter will adapt itself automatically.

Number of Storeys

Number of storeys sets the number of Building's storeys. When you change this parameter, Building Height (described above) will be adapted automatically to reflect calculated height based on Number of Storeys and First and Other storeys Height (described below).

Building Areas

Built-up Area

Built-up area sets the floor area size of the Building. Built-up Area will automatically be adapted if you change Gross Floor Area (described below) to match the division of Gross Floor Area with Number of Storeys.

Gross Floor Area

Gross floor area parameter is used to define gross floor area size of the Building. If Building is created from scratch (no horizontal Rhino closed curve is selected), this will be used to determine size of the Building (in combination with Number of Storeys).

Storey Heights

First Storey Height

First storey height is used to set the height of Building's ground floor. Changing this parameter will change default Building Height, too.

Other Storeys Height

Other storeys height is used to set the height of all Building's storeys above ground floor. Changing this parameter will change default Building Height, too.