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Menu is the topmost part of Modelur's user interface window (Figure 4.01). It contains four sub-categories: File, Tools, Options and Help, which are explained in detail below.

Modelur Menu

Figure 4.01 - Location of Modelur Menu.


Here you can open existing files or export your data.

File → Open

Opens a dialog window that allows you to open existing SKP file.

File → Export Urban Design Control Values…

This is used to export urban control values (such as Gross Floor Area, FAR, Required number of parking lots, etc.) of currently opened model into CSV file. Before exporting the data, you have an option to choose which values you want to export (Whole Plot, Land Uses, Buildings, Complex Buildings). By default all options are selected for export (Figure 4.02).

For Complex Buildings, details about Land Use and/or each Simple Building from which it is constructed can be exported. Just select Export also Land Use data of Complex Buildings and/or Export also Buildings that form Complex Buildings. (This section is not provided for MVP version)

Urban indicators export

Figure 4.02 - You can select which data you want to export to CSV file.

Sort Buildings by parameter value in CSV export

In case you have sorted the Buildings by some value in Urban Control Data Table, the order will be preserved when exporting the values to CSV file.

Exported CSV file can then be opened by any major spreadsheet software (eg. Excel, Google Sheets or LibreOffice Calc, Figure 4.03).

Tip: When importing the data, make sure you have semicolon marked as separator sign in the spreadsheet software you are using.

Exported urban control values

Figure 4.03 - Example of urban control values exported to raw CSV file (left window) and imported to the spreadsheet software (right window).


Tools are not provided for MVP version.


Head's Up Display

In addition to options in the Urban Control Survey On Screen section, Head's Up Display can open and close completely with this option.


Set Modelur to your preferred language. Note that Modelur is officially supported in English only for time being.


Help section contains links to this User guide, Video tutorials, Modelur website and Modelur forum.

If you want to report a bug or send us a feature request, click on Submit a Ticket.

You can easily check for updates by clicking on Check for Update ....

Enhancements and bugfixes included in your version of Modelur are displayed by clicking on Changelog.